Get a free trial and evaluate
To trial the system, you'll need a desktop computer, a laptop computer, or a tablet connected to the internet. Get your free trial by registering using your organisation's information. Evaluate if the service will meet your needs during the free trial period. During this period you can test the service and determine if it will be a good fit for your organisation. If you already have a barcode scanner, you can also test its compatibility with LIXON Library.


Subscribe to the service
Subscribe to LIXON Library after your free trial if you would like to continue using it. To subscribe you will need to choose a subscription level based on the number of students in your school. If at a later date you get more students, you can always upgrade your subscription level. There are no lock-in contracts, you can stop subscribing whenever you wish and you are able to cancel your subscription yourself.


Buy or use an existing barcode scanner
Although you don't need a barcode scanner to use the service, it is highly recommended. Landing pages that your students will use, such as borrowing and returning books, are designed to make efficient use of barcode scanning. For tablets and phones a bluetooth scanner is recommended. For computers with USB, a cheaper USB scanner will do just fine.


Load in your students
Buy, create or re-use barcodes for your students. Each student requires a code that is unique to them. Load in your school's students and start borrowing and returning straight away. You can load your students in one go as a CSV (comma separated-value) file. There is no need to add in all the books in your library, they will be added as the students borrow them.

Durable library cards with your school’s logo are available to order through LIXON Education. Please note that ordered cards take approximately three weeks to arrive. Please contact us for complete information.

A cheaper but less durable option is to use a free barcode generator, such as http://barcode.tec-it.com/en, to print out on stickers or cards. Before generating any barcodes, please check your barcode scanner's manual for information on which types of barcodes it can read.