LIXON Library is cloud-based library management software delivered as a service for all schools between those with a handful of books to those with thousands. Designed and developed to promote and support extensive reading. Log in with an existing account or register for a free two-month trial.

What is LIXON Library?
LIXON Library is cloud-based library management software delivered as a service. It can help you manage your school library, including the borrowing and returning of books by students. The service was initially developed to support and promote the extensive reading program at BIG BOW English Lab. It has now been extended to be available for other organisations to use, internationally.
  • Secure - uses a secure cloud-based environment and communicates using strong encryption.
  • Free trial and no lock in contracts - you can stop paying at any time.
  • Co-branding - you can upload your organisation's logo and it will be used to co-brand pages.
  • Works for most devices and operating systems.
  • Gives insight to your data that help make decisions - such as a list of the most popular books, as well as a list of books each individual student has borrowed.
  • Self building catalog of your library. No need to enter all your books by hand, start borrowing and let LIXON Library find the book information later.
  • Upload your students in one go, no need to enter each by hand.
  • Borrowing and returning pages make efficient use of barcode scanning.
  • API for programmatic access of borrowed book information.
  • Integrates with LINE - parents can inquire about their child's currently borrowed books and class attendance using LIXON Library's LINE messaging bot. The bot can be integrated with a school's own LINE account which allows notifications to be pushed to parents when a student arrives at the school, is marked present in class and departs the school. In addition to this, the bot can communicate in both English and Japanese.
LIXON Library can be trialled for free for two months. After that, subscriptions are based on student numbers and billed monthly using PayPal. There are no lock-in contracts, you can stop paying and using the service whenever you like. The subscription can be cancelled by you, using either PayPal or LIXON Library. Please see pricing for full details.
Status and Uptime
LIXON Library has very reliable uptime, please see system status for more information.
Further Information
For help getting started, please see the getting started guide. The FAQ area for frequently asked questions may help you answer any queries you have. If you cannot find the information you need, please contact us.

Please see screenshots and photos of the system in use at BIG BOW English Lab in the carousel below. More detailed screenshots are also available.

For terms of use, please see terms and conditions and privacy policy for more information.
About LIXON Education
LIXON Education provides services for teachers and schools, currently focusing on library management and teacher training. All LIXON Education services are created under the guidance of Lesley Ito, a veteran ELT teacher in Japan, and are thoroughly classroom tested at BIG BOW English Lab in Nagoya.

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